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Talbo Secret Factory Interview Released


No Room has announced that a previously unpublished interview with Susumu Hirasawa from 2013 has been released.  Some of the topics discussed include the bands he listened to as a child, his early fascination with the electric guitar, his childhood interest in machines (radios, model planes, televisions etc.), how he was discovered by the music industry, and his first encounter with the Talbo guitar.

I’ve seen this mentioned in another interview, but here again he says that, until a teacher discouraged him, he originally considered becoming a pilot when he grew up.

Judging from the section headings, it would appear that more of the interview may be released in the near future.

Hybrid Phonon Ticket Pre-Orders (Fan Club Only)

No Room has announced that Green Nerve Fan Club members can begin pre-ordering tickets for the next live, Hybrid Phonon, on July 31.  The English-language pre-order page is here.  If you need to renew your GN membership, you have until July 28 to do so.

HYBRID PHONON at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball (Tokyo)
Susumu Hirasawa + Kaku P-Model
October 11-13, 2014
Doors open at 18:00 (10/11), 17:30 (10/12 and 13)
Show starts at 19:00 (10/11), 18:30 (10/12 and 13)
Tickets cost 6,480 yen + drink fee (500 yen)


In September, Universal will start the Susumu Hirasawa Solo Debut 25th Anniversary Project. By The Way this will be done without Hirasawa’s or Chaos Union’s involvement (judging by Hirasawa’s tweets he also didn’t know that this was was happening). Interesting…wonder how they’ll handle this…

A bit of record label backstory

When Hirasawa started his solo career in 1989, he signed with Polydor, and kept with them until 1995’s Sim City, after which he moved to Columbia; Polydor was merged into Universal in either 1999 or 2001; it’s possible that they had relations with the LaserDisc division of Pioneer, but I’m not sure. Meanwhile, also in ‘89, either Pioneer withdrew from their joint venture in music distribution with Warner (the Warner-Pioneer joint venture had released released the first three P-MODEL albums) or they got bought out by Warner, whatever happened, this specific branch of Pioneer branched off and started their own music distribution business. In 2003, Pioneer was acquired by dentsu (a big Japanese PR/ad company) and was renamed Geneon (whose US branch distributed both the Paranoia Agent series and the soundtrack on North America, it was one of the losses suffered by the the anime industry when the bubble burst around 2007-2009). I guess there was some inner merging in Universal in 2008 and then in 2009 Geneon merged with Universal and became Geneon Universal, which was later renamed NBCUniversal in 2013.

So I guess what I was trying to say is that COMCAST owns a good six years’ worth of Hirasawa and they’ll probably reissue stuff later this year (though probably not the P-MODEL albums since they got reissued 2 years ago) and oh god why do i know so much about japanese record company merges

Currently, No Room has not announced any kind of official collaboration with Universal on this project.

Some relevant tweets: 1  2  3  4

Ashu-on in the Solar System CD Box Set Re-Release


No Room has announced the re-release of the Ashu-on in the Solar System CD box set. This newly remastered version contains 289 songs on 16 CDs (297 songs on 17 CDs for Green Nerve Fan Club members) and includes both rare and previously unreleased tracks, such as those from the unfinished album Monster, as well as a booklet with reports about Ashu-on-related experiments.

The box set costs ¥37,800 and will go on sale in early July. Teslakite is currently accepting preorders. See the official announcement page for each disc’s tracklist.


Pico Entertainment magazine gave some coverage of Hirasawa’s doings when it was released in 1993. The first issue had an exclusive interview (as far as I know that’s it). The second issue had a 30-page feature on P-MODEL, featuring interviews with all members, a biography of P-MODEL from their debut to their freezing, discography and a term encyclopedia; this type of feature was called Complete File Massive (there was something similar on the first issue, but with Yellow Magic Orchestra as the band covered).


LIVE NO HŌHŌ 2 “Dōnyū no Magic” (sample) 










During the recent livestream, Susumu Hirasawa talked about some of the sound cues built into his debayashi songs (i.e. the songs played when he enters the stage at the beginning of a performance), using the debayashi version of “Adore Me, I am TV” as an example. (Go to 15:30 in the livestream video to hear him describe it.)

Around 0:42
Sound oscillating from left to right shifts into mono.
→Cue that it’s time to focus.

Low angle lights begin to illuminate the stage.
→Audience cheers.

Rhythm starts.
→Stop whispering in the wings, wait for next sound cue.

Timpani starts.
→Check to make sure everything’s in order.

Synth starts.
→Enter stage.

Noise starts.
→Begin performance.

Transition into main part here.

You can download this song for free from No Room (click the link below the embedded video).

Livestream Event: Susumu Hirasawa’s “Back Space Pass”

No Room has announced that an hour-long livestream event celebrating the recent release of the new album will take place on May 31 at 9PM (JST).  Mr. Hirasawa will talk about the album, relate some behind-the-scenes stories, and answer questions asked by fans via Twitter.  The livestream will be recorded, so those of you who can’t make it at that time should be able to watch it later. 

Click here for the livestream link.

A special page for the new Live no Houhou album is up.  See this post for details regarding the price and tracklist.
Teslakite is now accepting preorders.  Fan club members will receive free shipping until the end of June.[[MORE]]——Below is a quick attempt to translate the text at the top of the page:

An extraordinary (irei) live CD combining Hirasawa solo works and Kaku P-Model songs is now on sale!This CD is a kind of “Susumu Hirasawa and Kaku P-Model Debayashi Collection”, so to speak. All of the tracks begin with a debayashi that leads into each song. The fact that this live CD consists of the first songs from setlists gives it an extraordinary character.  The additional fact that the debayashi achieve equal status with the subsequent songs while the solo and Kaku P-Model works coexist with one another makes it triply extraordinary.

A special page for the new Live no Houhou album is up.  See this post for details regarding the price and tracklist.

Teslakite is now accepting preorders.  Fan club members will receive free shipping until the end of June.

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