Hirasawa Lyrics
舵をとれ / Kaji wo Tore / Take the Wheel

Romanization/translation by me.  Please link back to this entry if you use the translation or post it elsewhere.


アモレミヨ  この舟に
巧みにかざせよ キミの名を

めざめては鞭打ち  草の根を分けても
夢でまた会おうと  向かう地に  黄金  黄金


街を行け 街を行け

汚れても悔いずに  今かと固唾をのみ
生きて今会おうと  望む手に  宝来  宝来

舟を漕ぎ 舟を漕ぎ
脈脈と重ねよ キミの名を

Repeat x8

オーソレミヨ  美しく

恐れには杭打ち  草の根を分けても
生きよなお生きよと  影の声  壮大  壮大

羽ばたけよ  いやしくも

Repeat x16


mongoru no onibi wa
mada nemuranu kimi no tabi ni yure
amore miyo   kono fune ni
takumi ni kazase yo  kimi no na wo

mezamete wa muchiuchi   kusa no ne wo waketemo
yume de mata aou to   mukau chi ni  ougon  ougon

habatake yo  shanhai no
imijikumo kaosu no chou no you ni

chi to niku no fune wo kogi
myakumyaku to utsuse yo  mune no ruri wo
machi wo yuke    machi wo yuke
namameku ruten no nami wo kite

kegaretemo kuizu ni   ima ka to katazu wo nomi
ikite ima aou to   nozomu te ni  hourai  hourai

fune wo kogi  fune wo kogi
myakumyaku to kasane yo  kimi no na wo

Repeat x8
kaji wo tore

oorora no munen no iro
mada nemuranu kimi no shura ni moe
oo sore miyo  utsukushiku
michi tadase yo yume ni chizu wo mitsuke

osore ni wa kuiuchi   kusa no ne wo waketemo
ikiyo nao ikiyo to   kage no koe  soudai  soudai

habatake yo  iyashikumo
taikou no bakuha no shison toshite

Repeat x16
kaji wo tore


A Mongolian will-o-wisp flickers at your cremation,
yet still you do not sleep
Amore mio, (1) upon this ship,
skillfully hold aloft your name!

Upon awakening you spur yourself onward,
leaving no stone left unturned
"Let us meet again in dreams."
Within the land you’re bound for is Gold  Gold

Like Shanghai’s aptly named butterfly of chaos (2)
spread your wings and fly!

Rowing a boat of blood and flesh,
endlessly reflect the lapis of your heart
Go through the streets  Go through the streets
clad in the enchanting motion of the waves

Without regretting that I am tainted,
I hold my breath in eager expectation
"Let us meet will we live."
Within these hopeful hands are Hourai  Hourai (3)

Row the boat onward  Row the boat onward
ever increasing your fame

Take the wheel! (x8)

The colors of the aurora’s anguish blaze at your scenes of carnage,
yet still you do not sleep
O sole mio, (4) obtain the map within our dreams
and beautifully set straight the course

You drive a stake through your fears,
leaving no stone left unturned
"Live on, live on!"
says the shadow’s voice  Majestic, so majestic

As the descendant of that ancient blast,
even for an instant, spread your wings and fly!

Take the wheel! (x16)



(1) “My love/beloved” in Italian.

(2) Perhaps a reference to the “butterfly effect” in chaos theory?

(3) I think that this might be a reference to a kind of charm or talisman (縁起物, engimono) called hourai (宝来) that’s supposed to bring one riches over the course of the year.

Here are some examples:


There’s also a type of hourai that’s made out of paper. This one has a picture of a treasure ship with the kanji takara (宝, “treasure”) on the sails:


Perhaps this is why there’s a reference to gold (ougon) in an earlier stanza?

(4) “O sole mio is the Neapolitan equivalent of standard Italian Il sole mio and translates literally as “my sun” (not “Oh, my sun”).

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